We, in GayLesbianMOC.com believe that, as a truly homosexual, we never chose to be a gay/lesbian. We are just who we are since we were born.

Some of us are lucky enough that they can become themselves, by coming out to family members, friends, and/or their community, without facing too much problem/pressure. However, some homosexuals (like us), have to hide our sexual orientation, due to various factors (eg. religion, family, community, etc).

As we get older, people close to us will keep on asking; “Dear… when are you going to get married?“. We know deep in our heart, that we have little/no sexual attraction at all towards an opposite sex. And we also know; that getting married with a heterosexual can cause more harm than good to both parties, but due to the continuous pressure from the surrounding (esp. people whom we love), and to save face, we finally succumb to these pressures, and decide to get married.

Most homosexuals, in those days, didn’t really have much choices, and ended up getting married with a straight partner (heterosexual). Marrying a straight partner when you are a truly homosexual, may be a great formula to spell a disaster. The high divorce rate had proven it enough.

Nowadays, no more. With the help of internet technology, we can now be connected to millions of other homosexuals worldwide, who are in the same situation like us.

Whether you are a gay who are looking for a lesbian for marriage, or, a lesbian who are looking for a gay for marriage, we believe that you will definitely be able to find your perfect match here in GayLesbianMOC.com, the world’s no. 1 matchmaking site between gays & lesbians.

Due to the nature of this website & the purpose it is created, you can be sure that everybody who signs up as a GayLesLove.com member, is a genuine candidate, who is also seriously looking for another opposite-gender homosexual for marriage purpose, just like you.

The minimal fee imposed to become a GayLesbianMOC.com member will discourage potential ‘creeps’ from wasting your searching time. The only thing left for you to find out is the compatibility/chemistry between both of you.

After joining, you’ll be able to :

– Add a member to your Friends List
– Add a member to your Favorite List
– Rate a member as Hot

– Send private messages to their Inbox
– LiveChat via Instant Messaging (IM) (like in Facebook)
– Upload Pictures/Videos/Audios
– Rate Pictures/Videos/Audios
– Create Blogs
– Create Events
– Send virtual gifts
– Privacy settings
– Email/SMS Alert setting
many more…

Many possibilities may happen when you sign-up, because people may change over time. You may initially treat this marriage solely as a social cover ups for each other, without planning to have your own kids. Or, you may one day long for kids, and decide to have/adopt one. But who knows, you may also one day wake up in one morning, and realise that you both finally have enough sexual attractions to each other, to continue your life just like the many other heterosexual couples out there. Anything is possible.

But one thing is for sure, the moment you found your partner thru GayLesbianMOC.com and get married, you will no more hear people asking about when you are going to get married. No one will ever question your sexuality again. No more pressure, as if like a heavy burden has been lifted off your shoulders.

To ensure your privacy, your real identity is never disclosed to any other member or anyone else. You alone control, if and when, you wish to exchange your real identity and personal contact details with any other member.

Joining as a member is so easy & fast.

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We wish you all the best in your quest!

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